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Tommy has experience managing a variety of businesses including musicians. He is now selectively accepting applications for artist and model management.



Artist management is the process of managing an artist's or group of artists' career and professional development. This entails managing the professional components of their firm, such as contract negotiations, bookings, financial management, and PR and marketing efforts. An artist manager offers assistance and counsel on artistic advancement, professional planning, and personal wellbeing. Their main objective is to establish a solid and long-lasting career for their artist(s), assisting them in navigating the cutthroat music business while adhering to their artistic vision and objectives. In general, artist management is important to the music business since it allows musicians to concentrate on their creative work while their manager takes care of the business end of things.



Model management involves managing the careers of models, helping them to find work and build a successful and sustainable career in the modeling industry. Model managers act as intermediaries between models and clients, negotiating contracts and fees and helping models to develop their skills, portfolios, and networks. They may also provide guidance and support on personal and professional issues, such as health and wellness, career strategy, and financial management. The primary goal of model management is to help models succeed in a highly competitive and fast-paced industry, while maintaining their health, well-being, and integrity. Overall, model management plays a critical role in the modeling industry, ensuring that models are able to build successful and rewarding careers over the long term.

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